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How to leverage TriAD's exclusive bank & credit union CTV solutions to target your current & prospective customers.

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About This Webinar

Welcome to the future of TV advertising for banks & credit unions. 

TV ads have long been the tried and true method for getting your message out to your audience, and for good reason. But how do you know it’s actually reaching your audience? In comparison to traditional broadband TV ads that are aired to the masses and leave you hoping it reaches the right person, Connected TV allows you to individually target and reach YOUR audience. Which is more effective for your campaign, your budget, and your message.

Watch this virtual webinar to learn all the insider secrets from the Connected TV (CTV/OTT) experts & co-founders of TriAD CTV® Reed Smith & Alex Smith.

Meet Your Hosts

Alex Smith, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder of TriAD CTV®, is an accomplished, inspiring, and creative digital marketing solutions leader with expertise in the campaign strategy and business sectors.

At TriAD CTV, Alex has leveraged his years of experience in sales systems development and effective Go-To-Market strategy in IoT/SaaS based technologies and services to create 1-to-1 Connected TV ad-targeting solutions.

Reed Smith, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder of TriAD CTV®, is an accomplished digital marketing entrepreneur and ad-targeting pioneer based.

At TriAD CTV, Reed has leveraged his Ad-Tech expertise to create a truly unparalleled platform tailored to reach your Connected TV audience on any device and any network that they watch.


Target By:

Customer Data
Credit Score
In-Market for Auto Loans
In-Market for New Line of Credit
In-Market for Credit Card
Customer Data
Credit Score
In-Market for Auto Loans
In-Market for New Line of Credit
In-Market for Credit Card

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Everything you need to know about CTV advertising
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