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Device Manufacturers (OS)

OTT & Connected TV devices connect to your TV (or is a smart TV) to provide content via streaming services—meaning that as long as your audience has an internet connection, you can reach them.

Connected TV distributors or apps allow users to watch streaming TV content from cable and broadcast networks.

Distributors (Apps)

Publishers (Networks)

Publishers or networks are those nationally-broadcast TV networks that you are probably already familiar with—like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox or any local cable network.

But How Do They All Work Together?

CTV Device +

CTV Devices, like Apple TV, connect to your TV and provide streaming content via the internet.

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CTV Distributer +

CTV Distributers, like Hulu, are apps that provide streaming content to users (and ad space to advertisers).

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TV Network +

Networks, like NBC, provide the content streamed via the CTV device—and can have exclusive partnerships with certain streaming distributors and apps.

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CTV Content +

Content comes in the form of shows, such as the popular NBC show This is Us. This is where users will see your ad—when they pause or at scheduled commercial breaks, similar to traditional broadcast TV.

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Unified Targeting and Reporting​

One place for audience selection, and one holistic report for all media destinations.

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Gain access to all CTV Inventory. Using One Platform.

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